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A Bigger Life - here for anyone whose life has been touched by a stoma

Do you have a stoma, or are you about to have one? Are you inquisitive what a stoma is, or know someone who has one? Andy shares what the new hub A Bigger Life has to offer.

A Bigger Life

We are a dedicated close-knit community from across the world who shares this common subject. A stoma is nothing to be ashamed about and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Everyone needs help or advice at some stage in their lives, A Bigger Life is where you will find the best of what is on offer. Read how actual ostomates have solved their problems, shared their experiences and read their advice on difficult situations.

Being part of our community means we are available for advice, help, or maybe just a friendly email or two. Joining is free, and your details are never passed on without your permission.

See you inside at