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About Cohesive®

Do you suffer from embarrassing pouch leaks? Does the skin around your stoma sometimes become slightly red and sore?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you are not alone.
According to research*, the majority (85%) of people with a stoma have experienced appliance leakage, whilst 45% suffer from skin problems near their stoma. However, many of these people just accept their problems and do not seek medical help.

Sore skin near your stoma is caused by output from your stoma coming in contact with your skin. Many people with stoma think that red skin and slight discomfort close to the stoma is normal and acceptable but this can be solved through use of Eakin Cohesive®.

A stoma appliance can leak for a number of reasons such as extremely liquid stool or an uneven skin surface around the stoma which can cause output to leak under the bag. Again, this problem can be solved through using Eakin Cohesive® to make the bag completely secure.

Launched in 1980, Eakin Cohesive® has been successfully preventing leakage and protecting the skin for millions of users around the world. For total security and peace of mind, try a sample of Eakin Cohesive® today. Take away the worry of leakage and lead your life with confidence!

*"Evaluating skin care problems in people with stomas" Williams J et al (2010), British Journal of Nursing; 19: 17, S6-S15
*"Are Peristomal Skin Disorders Inevitable?" Herlufsen, Grete Olsen, Carlsen, Nybaek, Karlsmark & Jemec, WCET Congress, July 2006