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Benefits of Cohesive®

  • Prevents leaks by absorbing more moisture than any other stoma seal*
  • Provides skin protection by preventing any harmful irritants from coming into contact with the skin
  • Completely mouldable – can be moulded to the exact fit for your stoma and can be broken and rejoined
  • Alcohol free so does not sting the skin
  • Longer weartime and increased security
  • Made from few ingredients, therefore extremely skin friendly
  • Can even be used on damaged skin
  • Never dries out
  • Unlike other seals available it is completely resistant to fungal growth
  • Does not lose stickiness – the more it is handled the better
  • Does not expire.

*"Effect of a long life ostomy seal on faecal enzyme activity" by Dr Grace McGroggan, TG Eakin Ltd and Dr Lorraine Martin, Queens University, Belfast