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Christmas with an ileostomy - Lisa Walkingshaw

With the festive period fast approaching I thought I would share with you my experience of Christmas with my ileostomy.

Christmas with an ileostomy - Lisa Walkingshaw

This will be my fifth year with "Stammy Stoma" and the truth is it usually isn’t any different than any other time of the year. I, like many tend to over indulge in food and chocolates which does increase my stoma output. Chocolate also has a laxative effect. However this is never a problem. I always feel a few extra trips to the toilet is definitely worth that extra bit of turkey or piece of pavlova haha!! Also be aware that alcoholic drinks can change output consistency for example wine can make my output much more watery or beer and ciders tend to cause flatulence. However again this doesn’t put me off. I enjoy a few alcoholic beverages and never deny myself it either. I was always advised at hospital that it’s ok to have a drink as long as I remain sensible enough to be able to take care of my appliance. That said because the risk of dehydration is higher with an ileostomy, I always drink lots of water the day after having a drink to ensure I remain hydrated.

So what do I wear to my work Christmas party? Well your choice of outfit shouldn’t differ from any other year before your operation. I personally don’t like tight fitted garments anyway as I never had the figure for them. So my wardrobe is pretty much the same. For Christmas parties/ nights out I love to have a little bit of sparkle to help me get into the Christmas spirit. This usually consists of a flared dress, sparkly jewellery and nice pair of heels (with maybe some sparkle too). Usually I dance the night away and enjoy my night just as much as everyone else.

Enjoy the festive period and please be assured that it should not be any different albeit a few minor adjustments.


Lisa and "stammy stoma"