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How To Use

Cohesive StomaWrap

The unique shape makes the StomaWrap™ very quick and easy to fit. Simply follow the instructions in our film or use the guidelines below.

Click here to view our Cohesive video
  1. Ensure skin around the stoma is clean, dry and free from grease or creams.
  2. Remove paper and mould the seal by gently teasing and stretching to suit your body’s individual needs. It does not matter which side goes onto the skin as the seal is sticky on both sides.
  3. Position on the body and carefully wrap to ensure a snug fit around the stoma.
  4. Overlap the seal to create a good fit around the stoma. No skin directly around the stoma should be exposed.
  5. Flatten the outer edge of the seal. Warmth from the hands will help to ensure a good seal is achieved.
  6. One Piece Users - Place the pouch over the seal, holding in position for a short period of time. Two Piece Users - Apply the flange over the seal and attach the pouch in the usual way.