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Your Questions Answered

We have compiled a list of common queries that you may have along with the solutions using Eakin Cohesive® Seals, SLIMS®, StomaWrap™ and Paste. Simply click on the question to reveal the solution.

1. I am worried about leakage and would like extra security.

Cohesive Slims® offer extra security and peace of mind. They form a complete seal around your stoma, preventing leakage by making your bag more secure. They will frequently enable you to keep your pouch on longer because of the additional security they provide and they excel over competitor seals as Cohesive® is the most absorptive stoma seal on the market.

If you suffer from leakage problems and need heavy duty protection then we recommend Cohesive® Seals, which are a lot thicker than Slims®. Cohesive® Seals provide users with the extra security they need to carry out their daily activities with confidence.

Cohesive® Paste can be used along with Seals and Slims® to fill any dips or crevices in the skin before applying the Seal over the top. The paste is also alcohol-free so does not sting on application.

2. The skin around my stoma is very red, sore and weepy.

Cohesive Slims®, Cohesive® Seals and Cohesive StomaWrap™ can heal sore skin by protecting it against further damage and allowing the skin to heal underneath. Users see fast results once they switch to Cohesive®.

3. Do Cohesive® Seals ever expire?

No, Cohesive® Seals will never expire. The date printed on the box is the DATE OF MANUFACTURE, in the format YYYY/MM (year/month).

4. My skin reacts to my existing seal.

All Cohesive® Seals are extremely skin-friendly. Unlike other seals on the market, Cohesive® contains a minimal amount of ingredients so that it is less likely that any skin reactions occur.

5. I change my pouch frequently so can sometimes have residue.

Cohesive Slims® are designed for people who change their pouches more frequently. You will experience less residue than with Cohesive® Seals. If there is some residue left, after gently cleaning with soap and water, gently rub any residue forwards and backwards with your finger as you would with the residue from a sticking plaster. All residue does not need to be removed before putting the next Seal and bag in position.

Residue will not affect the application of your next seal and will more than likely be removed with it the next time.

6. I would like to wear my pouch for longer between changes.

Cohesive® Seals will allow you to wear your pouch for longer between changes as it absorbs any moisture and immobilises the digestive enzymes which cause the skin protector on your pouch to break down.

7. My stoma lies in a valley so I need to protect the surrounding skin.

In this instance we recommend use of Large Cohesive® Seals. The large Cohesive® Seal should be rolled out from the centre hole and then placed right up against the stoma. Gently roll the seal back again towards the stoma until you have a snug fit. The rest of the seal can be used to 'travel up' the valley so that the surrounding skin is protected.

8. I have a red mark around my stoma in the shape of my base plate.

It seems that you may have a reaction to the skin protector on your pouch/base plate. If you are generally happy that your pouch is perfect for you and are reluctant to change, simply place a Large Cohesive® Seal around your stoma before you apply your pouch. This will allow your skin to heal and prevent further irritation.

9. My stoma paste stings my skin when I apply it.

Cohesive Paste® is a unique alcohol-free formula which does not sting the skin on application. It is based on the Cohesive® formula which has been protecting skin for 30 years. In fact, none of the Eakin products contain alcohol.

10. My Cohesive Seal appears to melt.

When Cohesive® Seals are in use, they absorb moisture from the skin and the stoma forming a smooth gel. This gel is broken down by the digestive enzymes present in the body waste. This is designed to happen so that the patient's skin underneath is protected.

This process can sometimes be accelerated by changes in the patient's environment such as emotional problems, stress, diet or medication changes - all of which can have an effect on the consistency of stoma output. The result will then be that the Cohesive® Seals will dissolve more quickly and the pouch may need to be changed more frequently.

Users should also note that the Cohesive® Seals will not last as long if the stoma opening of their ostomy pouch is too large. When fitting the pouch, first place the seal around the stoma, ensuring there is continuous contact between the stoma and the Seal, then fit the pouch. It is important to select a pouch size, which will fit neatly around the stoma.

11. The Cohesive® Seals are not sticking.

Occasionally, users complain that Cohesive® Seals are not sticking well, however in all of the cases quoted to date and due to the high level of product inspection prior to leaving our factory, there has been no fault found in the products.

Below are some of the reasons why Cohesive® Seals may not be sticking and ways to overcome the problem.

1. The skin must be dry - although Cohesive® Seals absorb moisture, when fitting the seals initially, the skin should be as dry as possible.
2. The skin must be clean and free from any other skin preparations - other skin barriers, creams or stoma pastes (except Cohesive® Paste), may affect the adhesion of Cohesive® Seals. Cohesive® Paste, however, is complementary to Cohesive® Seals.
3. The temperature is too cold - Cohesive® Seals will stick much better if they are first warmed to body temperature. Simply by holding the Seals or by moulding them in your hand, they will warm sufficiently and will adhere more easily. To ensure the maximum adhesion, first warm the Cohesive® Seals, then mould them to the correct shape and size before fitting in place around the stoma. Once in position, hold the seal firmly in place for 20 to 30 seconds until any moisture in the skin or stoma has been absorbed. Please note that Cohesive Slims® do not need to be warmed.

12. Some of my seals look a different colour to others.

As Cohesive® Seals contain some natural ingredients, there can be colour variations from one batch to another. It is also a characteristic of Cohesive® that it will become slightly darker in colour and less granular in appearance over time.

These are all normal features of the product and do not in any way affect the products' performance. Cohesive® does not deteriorate over time, and so Seals can be used even several years after they are manufactured.

Despite these changes in appearance, the same ingredients and manufacturing processes have been used for over twenty years. During this time, our Manufacturing and Quality Control Procedures have become even more strict and thorough, ensuring the highest quality products at all times.

All Eakin products are manufactured to the European and International Quality Standards ISO 13485:2003 and carry the European CE mark of conformity.

13. Why would I use a Cohesive StomaWrap™ instead of Cohesive Slims® or Seals?

If you have a large stoma or oval shaped stoma then the Cohesive StomaWrap™ would be more suitable as it has a larger centre hole and a larger diameter. Also due to its unique shape it is particularly easy to fit so is ideal for those with limited dexterity or those who want to simplify their stoma care routine.

14. Will the Cohesive StomaWrap™ offer the same skin protection as Cohesive Slims® and Seals?

The Cohesive StomaWrap™ is made from exactly the same ingredients as the much loved Eakin Cohesive® Seals and SLIMS® which have been protecting peristomal skin for decades. All Cohesive® Seals are extremely skin-friendly and unlike other seals on the market, Cohesive® contains a minimal amount of ingredients so it is much less likely that any skin reactions occur.