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How do we make Cohesive® Seals

Have you ever wondered how Eakin make Cohesive® Seals? Now you can find out by having a peak inside our factory.

Cohesive Manufacture

The film begins with the production of a batch of Cohesive®.  Since its launch in 1980, Eakin Cohesive® has proved itself as the most skin friendly stoma seal on the market.  This is due to the fact that it was formulated using a small number of skin friendly ingredients and that formula has remained unchanged. 

Quality is of the utmost importance at TG Eakin Ltd.  100% of Cohesive® Seals manufactured are individually checked by hand to ensure they are perfect before leaving the factory. 

When the products have been checked and packaged they are then dispatched to millions of users worldwide. From our factory in Northern Ireland, Cohesive® Seals are exported to almost 40 countries across the globe.

Have a peak inside the Eakin factory!