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How to donate unused ostomy supplies

Don't throw out old unused ostomy products, instead donate them to a local ostomy support group.

Eakin products

Over a period of time you will probably build up a supply of unused ostomy products. It may be samples you have received, a different type of appliance than what you currently use, you have had a reversal and no longer need them or a family members has died and you aren’t sure what to do with the old products.

If you have any unused products that are no longer needed and you don’t want them to go to waste, there are several options you can choose to put your old ostomy supplies to good use.

Don't throw out old ostomy products. We have created a list of possible things you could do with the stock:

  • Your stoma nurse may take full sealed boxes but they can only accept products with the manufacturers seal unbroken. They can give them to patients as samples to see if they work before making a purchase. 
  • Contact your local hospital, if they have a wound care/ ostomy nurse, they may know of a group that can help distribute your supplies. 
  • Many local ostomy support groups accept unused donations to distribute to people in need. They put them to good use in developing countries, where the demand for these supplies is ever increasing. Below is a list of organisations that redistribute them.

Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

Jacob’s Well Appeal

Osto Group


If you know of any organisations that collect ostomy supplies for donation, please post the information below.