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How to prevent sore skin around the stoma

The old saying...'prevention is better than cure' still rings true. Read our top tips on treating and preventing sore skin.

Eakin Cohesive SLIMS® Seal

Is there anything I can use to treat sore skin?

Eakin Cohesive® Seals were developed in 1980 and the formula has since remained unchanged.  Since this time, Cohesive® Seals have been helping ostomates around the world to have healthy skin around their stomas.

Cohesive® Seals work via a 3-way action to combat the main causes of sore skin:

  1. Cohesive® Seals more effectively bind harmful digestive enzymes than any other seal, which dramatically reduces the effect they can have on your skin.
  2. Cohesive® Seals absorb more moisture than any other seal, therefore your skin will be protected against
  3. Cohesive® Seals block chemical and biological irritants so they cannot come into contact with your

How should I prevent sore skin from occurring?

We all know that, prevention is better than cure.  For this reason we recommend using Cohesive® SLIMS as part of your daily stoma care routine.

  • Step 1:  Use lukewarm tap water to clean the skin around your stoma.  Make sure that your skin is as dry as possible to encourage adhesion.
  • Step 2:  If you have any residue left on your skin, use Release Adhesive Remover  Spray or Wipe. Use of any other creams compromises adhesion. If the residue cannot be removed easily, continue with your usual routine. The residue will be removed at the next pouch change.
  • Step 3:  Fill any skin folds or scars with Cohesive® Paste.
  • Step 4:  Then stretch a Cohesive SLIMS® seal to the right size so that it will fit right up against the edges of your stoma.  Warming the seals helps them to mould to your body contours.
  • Step 5:  Place the Cohesive SLIMS® seal on the skin around your stoma. It should fit snugly against the stoma all around, note the diagrams below.
  • Step 6:  Fit your stoma pouch in place as normal and hold firmly in position for 30 seconds.

Why not let our instructional video take you through the steps.