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'Keep it Simple' with the Original and the Best!

Are you becoming increasingly confused by the range of stoma seals on the market?

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This could easily happen, with almost 50 different types and sizes of stoma seals available in the UK alone.

With this extensive range, comes a list of exceptions and rules, which explain which seal should be used for which stoma type.  This list can overwhelm even the long-term user of stoma products, never mind those who are coming to terms with their colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.

So what makes a good stoma seal?  We have many solutions on the market, such as individually-sized round seals, convex seals, seals with off-centre holes, seals with a stoma collar, seals infused with aloe vera, seals that can be moulded and others that can’t.  Here at Eakin, we have always aimed to offer simple quality solutions to stoma-related problems.  Leaking stoma appliances and sore skin around the stoma are often cited as the two most difficult problems to solve.  Our seals are specifically designed to address these two problems by being completely mouldable, by absorbing the most moisture* per gram of product and by effectively immobilising digestive enzymes so they can no longer harm the skin.  Top quality ingredients and no expiry date demonstrates how skin-friendly our products are.

The Eakin Cohesive® family consists of three stoma seals, which have found their own niches over the years.   Visit our ‘About Cohesive®’ section to find out how users have differentiated between our products.

Let’s not over-complicate the stoma routine.  Keep it simple, with the original and the best stoma seals on the market!

Watch our video for more information.  While you are here, why not request a sample to try for yourself.

*‘Effect of a long life ostomy seal on faecal enzyme activity’, Dr Grace McGroggan, TG Eakin Ltd and Dr Lorraine Martin, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.