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My first year with an ileostomy - Jenny Crawford

Jenny Crawford shares her journey with an ileostomy.

Jenny Crawford

This is my first year with an ileostomy. My journey began one year ago on my 32nd wedding anniversary November 13 2014, when I was told by my colonoscopy doctor that he found the reason for my bleeding and that it was a tumour. I sat there in silence then went home with my husband and sat in a daze for the rest of the day. Strange thing is just a few months before I was diagnosed I did the bowel cancer test and the results were all clear so had no fear or doubts and that was the reason went into daze mode when the doctor handed me my verdict. So then the journey started 28 days of chemo radiotherapy then six weeks waiting period then the surgery which I was told everything about every step yet waking up with a bag was the most daunting experience of my life. I was scared did not know what to do or care for my ileostomy the poor stoma nurse tried so many different bags before I went home yet none of them seemed to work too well I was in heaps of pain with many accidents. I was scared to move in bed so most of the time slept on my back. Six weeks after my operation had to start back on chemo for six months on a fortnightly basis so was finding it all very overwhelming and hard to deal with. Still having a lot of accidents decided to take some sort of control and write to every company for samples, tried many different bags and seals until I came across the Eakin bags and Seals and God bless the Eakin company as I have never been so happy the accidents stopped and I can go back to a normal life even can roll around in bed without any more fear of leaks. I have gone back to yoga and exercise and not had one bit of trouble I sometimes even forget I am wearing a bag, thanks again to Eakin.

But now the time has come to say goodbye to my bag and Stan my stoma. They have planned a reversal on January 6th 2016. I am just hoping that is the right decision I am making as at the present I have no problems what so ever. Keeping the fingers crosses. Merry Christmas everyone and remember sample every product till you find the right one I did and having a smooth happy journey.