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Learning Tools

To learn more about Cohesive® and how it differs from other Seals on the market please watch our short films.

Additional Information for Nursing Professionals

This film looks at how Cohesive® Seals work and why they are the most successful stoma seal on the market in terms of moisture absorption and protection against harmful irritants and faecal enzymes. It also demonstrates the manufacturing process and considers which Seal should be used in particular situations.

Compared to Other Seals

This laboratory analysis illustrates how Eakin Cohesive® Seals are completely resistant to fungal growth compared to other seals currently available.

How to use Cohesive® Seals

This patient-friendly film focuses on an animated character and his problems with leakage and sore skin which are overcome through the use of Eakin Cohesive® Seals. It also provides a step by step guide on how to apply an Eakin Cohesive® Seal and the unique features and benefits of this product.