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Pancake Day – the meaning of pancaking for ostomates

It’s Pancake Tuesday and most of us are thinking about lovely things covered in maple syrup and nutella but there’s a type of pancake that ostomates don’t like…..

Pancaking - ostomates

What is pancaking?

Pancaking is caused when faeces stay on top of the stoma, and do not move down into the bottom of the pouch/bag. It dries out and sticks around the stoma, instead of falling to the bottom of the bag. It is a problem associated with colostomy patients and occurs when the filter on the stoma pouch/bag eliminates all air in the appliance, creating a vacuum. When the stoma starts to work again, the output leaks out under the skin protector and it lifts off the skin.

How to prevent pancaking

  •  Blowing air into the stoma bag before you put it on can help to stop a vacuum occurring.
  • Increase your fluid intake to help soften stools.
  • Try putting a small amount of baby oil onto the inside of the bag, where it touches the stoma.  This will help the output to slide to the bottom of the bag.  
  • If your bag has a filter, place the filter covers over the filter which will also keep air in your bag.
  •  Another idea is to put a few pieces of crumpled up toilet paper into your bag near the outside edges, this will stop the vacuum effect and keep air in your bag.
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