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Parenting with an Ostomy – Krystal Miller

Krystal Miller shares her experiences of parenting with an ostomy.

Krystal Miller

Given that you, like me have an ostomy, more than likely have had surgery due to some serious medical condition. Mine was for Crohn’s disease. I had my first surgery at 22 before both my kiddies were born.

5 years of remission and then I fell pregnant with our son Lukas and 4 years after that our daughter Arabella, who arrived 4 months ago.

Pregnancy was not easy for either pregnancy. Both were completely different and luckily both babies were absolutely healthy on arrival and delivered naturally. I had issues with a perforated bowel with Lukas and a stomal prolapse with Arabella. My issues do not mean that they will happen to everyone! I did not require any surgery to rectify these issues luckily and I was able to manage my prolapse with special medical support garments. I highly recommend anyone who is pregnant to start wearing them from the beginning of your pregnancy.

Now parenting... Parenting is hard. Parenting is hard when you have a medical condition. Parenting is hard when you have zero freaking energy! Oh My Gosh parenting is hard!

How do you explain to your child why mama has a bag on her tummy? How do you explain without instilling fear that this might A; Happen to them or B; that you might get sick again.

I chose to just be honest and upfront and never hide anything from my child. Lukas knows that mama used to be sick but isn't anymore because she had surgery to take out the sick bit of my tummy and now I have a bag and a stoma. He loves my stoma. He doesn't like being pooed on in the shower though! hahaha

Toilet training was easy surprisingly! He knew that I didn’t poo but that my poo would come out of my bag into the toilet. I would put him on to do a poo and push down on his tummy where you feel like you need a poo and tell him to push it out of his bum. I’d make faces like doing a poo but to be honest I have no idea these days how to poo!

I know by being honest I am raising strong and empathetic children. They will be grounded because they have seen their mama at her worst. But best of all; they've seen me at my best!

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