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Post-operative dietary advice for ostomates

After surgery it is important to resume a healthy diet and to try to eat at least something even if you are not hungry.

Post-operative dietary advice for ostomates

You may need more calories than before to promote healing and regain any weight that may have been lost previously. However, while recovering, you may not have a great appetite so the following guidance may help:

  • You do not have to eat full meals, eat small meals more frequently (5-6 per day).
  • Where possible it is best to eat a low fibre diet and stick to bland foods at the beginning.
  •  Avoid fizzy drinks at meal times.
  • Foods rich in protein such as meat and dairy products are recommended for healing.
  • Chew food thoroughly to aid digestion. After surgery some post-operative swelling may exist in the bowel, causing the bowel to narrow, making some foods quite difficult to digest.
  • Reintroduce your normal diet routine slowly, just in case your stoma may react with something.

The above are only guidelines, which foods affect you depends very much on your current diet and your own digestive system. Experiment and enjoy!

For more dietary advice please download our Diet booklet, written especially for ostomates.