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Eakin Cohesive® is available in the following sizes:

Large Cohesive® Seals

  • Cover a larger area of skin around the stoma providing protection over a wide area
  • Ideal for urostomates
  • Recommended for those with sensitive skin or whose skin is irritated by their pouch adhesive.
Pack size: 10 sealsDiameter: 98mmREF: 839001

Small Cohesive® Seals

  • The same shape and size as Cohesive Slims® but are extra thick
  • Provide maximum skin protection
  • Ideal for problematic skin or for people with leakage problems
  • Recommended for high output stomas.
Pack size: 30 sealsDiameter: 48mmREF: 839002

Cohesive Slims®

  • Perfect for everyday peristomal skin protection
  • Leakage prevention
  • Additional security for all types, shapes and sizes of stoma.
Pack size: 30 sealsDiameter: 48mmREF: 839005

Cohesive® Paste

  • No sting "Alcohol free" paste for filling in deep scar areas or crevices before applying a Seal
Pack size: 1Weight: 60gREF: 839010

Cohesive StomaWrap™

  • Unique ‘Wrap’ shape makes it extremely quick and easy to fit – simply wrap and overlap
  • Ideal for large or oval shaped stomas
  • For those with limited dexterity due to ease of application
  • Made from the same ingredients as Eakin Cohesive® Seals and Slims®
Pack size: 10Diameter: 85mmREF: 839006