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How do I evaluate the skin around my stoma?

Taking good care of your peri-stomal skin is of utmost importance as your skin is the base, on which all of your stoma products will be placed.


The skin around your stoma should be the same colour and condition as the skin on the rest of your body.  However, if the skin around your stoma sometimes becomes slightly red and sore or irritated, you are not alone.  According to a study*, 45% of people with a stoma suffer from skin problems near their stoma. However, most of those people surveyed in this study were unaware or would not admit that they had problems with their skin.

As we all have different skin types, the condition of the peri-stomal skin will vary
hugely from one ostomate to another. Signs that your skin condition can be
improved range from slight irritation and itching to severe pain and bleeding or
weepy skin.  Many people with stomas think that red skin and slight discomfort close to the stoma is normal and acceptable, however this need not be the case.

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