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Special dietary advice for urostomates

Most people with a urostomy can enjoy a completely normal diet after surgey. We have created a few simple guidelines you can follow for a daily healthy well balanced diet:

Special dietary advice for urostomates
  • After surgery you will be producing more urine than before which means that you will need to increase your own fluid intake to maintain the correct balance. As a general guide, urostomates are advised to drink 2-3 litres of fluid (preferably water) each day
  • Tea, coffee and alcohol are known as diuretics so it is recommended that you reduce your intake of these at night
  • Avoid certain foods which may cause odours such as fish, eggs, onions, garlic and asparagus 
  • Foods with a high Vitamin C content such as oranges and cranberries (including pure cranberry juice) are recommended for urostomates to help prevent urinary tract infections. However, if you are taking warfarin, you should be aware that cranberry juice is contraindicated and so can increase the risk of side effects. Speak to your doctor or Stoma Care Nurse if you need further advice
  • If you think a particular food is causing you problems, try cutting it out of your diet and then reintroduce it in small quantities at a later date
  • You can still have an alcoholic drink, as long as it doesn’t interfere with any medication you are taking. It is advisable to speak to your stoma nurse if you have any concerns about this. However, it is best to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol as it can leave you dehydrated
  • After surgery, the way in which your body digests medicines may be affected. For this reason it is advisable that you review your medicines with your Stoma Care Nurse.

For more information view our 'Advice for Urostomates' booklet which has been specifically designed to help new urostomates come to terms with the situation they are facing.