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Support groups can make living with a stoma easier

Support groups and online forums are useful for people with stomas to find, connect, and interact with other ostomates.

Support groups for living with a stoma

Whether you’ve recently been told you require stoma surgery, or if you’ve been living with a stoma for a while now, you can get advice and support to make your life easier

Internet support
The web provides many online forums/support where ostomates can resource information on their condition and find answers to their questions and problems found in day to day living with a stoma. It allows ostomates to communicate to other ostomates who have the same condition. Internet support can be invaluable to those who are maybe too scared to chat with anybody about what problems they are facing. Below is a list of websites who offer guidance and advice.

Support Associations
There are several support associations across the world, who can make a big difference to the life of ostomates. Many are registered charities, mostly run by volunteers. The benefits to stoma patients, who join a support association, are invaluable. It is helpful for ostomates to talk to people in the same situation and share advice and guidance. Becoming a member of these associations is a great benefit and help is always provided whenever it is requested. Below is a list of associations around the world, where you can turn to for advice or simply to gain friendship with other people living with a stoma

Support groups
There are also support groups, which have local branches. They offer support, advice and information, to the patients. Not only do they support the patient but they also provide assistance to their families, friends and carers. Below is a list of support groups who offer guidance and advice.

We encourage you to ask questions, and seek information and support. It can make your life easier knowing there are resources out there to help.