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Travel advice for ostomates

It's that time of year, when we all start to think about holidays. Extra preparation will help make your holiday relaxing and problem-free!

Sunglasses and Passport

When flying you should divide supplies between your hand luggage and checked luggage just in case there are any problems with your luggage, however you should remember the travel restrictions around liquids and sharp objects such as scissors in your hand luggage. If you use a cut to fit pouch, it is a good idea to cut a few pouches for your hand luggage so that you can put your scissors in your checked luggage. If you do not have allocated seating on you flight, it is a good idea to get to the airport in advance of your flight to try and get a seat on the plane close to the rest rooms.

It is important to take enough supplies with you when you travel abroad. You may find that you perspire more in warmer climates and may need to change your pouch more regularly than you would if you were at home. You may not have access to supplies in the destination that you are visiting, so it is advisable to ensure that you have more than enough supplies with you in your luggage. The recommended amount is usually double what your normal consumption would be. Suncream should be applied after the pouch has been put on, as the cream may reduce the adhesion of the flange of your pouch. You should store your supplies in a cool dry place, as adverse heat may affect their performance.

You may wish to find out from your stoma nurse if they know of any professional assistance in the place that you are travelling to, just in case you need to contact someone when you are there. Your stoma nurse should also be able to give you a statement to show to airport  security to tell them why you are carrying your supplies. The International Ostomy Association should be able to help you get such a statement in the language of the country that you are travelling to. You are entitled to ask to be screened by airport security in a private area as all passengers should be treated with dignity and respect.

Before you travel you should shop around for travel insurance that adequately covers your requirements. You will most likely have to complete a medical questionnaire and must disclose and pre-existing conditions to ensure that they have the full picture before they offer you any kind of cover.

Bon voyage from all of us at Eakin!