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quote(Using Cohesive SLIMS®) has given me a totally new feeling of peace of mind in the sense of non-leakage, but more importantly the fact that my skin is totally healed. I have become allergic to everything which is presently available on the market, having been an ostomate for close to 38 years! I travel a lot on business and I no longer have to worry about my ileostomy at all. I can even play golf again.
quoteMr Eakin, thank you for inventing the Cohesive SLIMS®. I was born early at 25 weeks gestation and when I was 6 days old my bowel perforated and I needed to have 2 stomas made. The Stoma nurses are protecting my skin by using trimmed Cohesive SLIMS® around the stomas. This means that the pouch sometimes stays on for a whole week. My skin is not sore at all and I can even lie on my tummy without any leaking. Thanks again.
quoteThe Cohesive SLIMS® give a better seal and therefore gives me confidence.
quoteI can rely on the Cohesive SLIMS® not to leak.
quoteI have had a stoma since 1954, my skin had been raw and bleeding ever since or until a few months ago when I started using Cohesive®. Now my skin is beginning to heal & I no longer leak.
quoteThe difference one small Cohesive® Seal has made to my life is unbelievable. It has given me the confidence back, which is great to someone with a colostomy bag.