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Would you like to feel more confident wearing your stoma bag?

If so, it's worth trying Cohesive®; a stoma seal available in 3 sizes, offering prevention against leaks.

Cohesive Seals

Cohesive Slims® offer extra security and peace of mind. They form a complete seal around your stoma, preventing leakage by making your bag more secure. They will frequently enable you to keep your pouch on longer because of the additional security they provide and they excel over competitor seals as Cohesive® is the most absorptive stoma seal on the market.

If you suffer from leakage problems and need heavy duty protection then we recommend Cohesive® Seals, which are a lot thicker than Slims®. Cohesive® Seals provide users with the extra security they need to carry out their daily activities with confidence.

Cohesive® Paste can be used along with Seals and Slims® to fill any dips or crevices in the skin before applying the Seal over the top. The paste is also alcohol-free so does not sting on application.


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