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Your favourite Christmas traditions

The Christmas holidays are a time when everyone has their traditions, ideas about what is most fun, relaxing and enjoyable.

Favourite Christmas tradition

From decorating the Christmas tree to leaving cookies for Santa, Christmas traditions offer great ways to celebrate the holiday season. To kick off the season we asked our Facebook followers to share their favourite Christmas traditions with us. Please feel free to share your festive tradition with us in the comment box below.

Julia Metcalfe

My favourite christmas tradition is when my mum makes the Christmas pudding we all stir it and made a wish. Now I live away from home my mum phones us when she makes the pudding. My daughter, husband and I each make our wishes down the phone as mum stirs the pudding mixture!

Daniele Da Silva

My favorite Christmas traditions are cooking and baking with my mom and opening gifts at midnight from Christmas Eve to Christmas. Spending the time cooking and baking with my mom is a lovely bonding experience. We listen to holiday songs on the radio and be jolly. The opening of gifts at midnight is something we've been doing my entire life. It's a tradition from back home in Brazil so I want to continue staying close to my roots.

Linda Darcy

My favourite Christmas tradition is a relatively new one, it's taking my one and only niece to see the reindeers! This is her third Christmas and she's mega excited.

Clare Bernardi

It has to be getting up really early with the children to see if santa has been and watching them tear open their presents before making them scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast smile emoticon it's all about the children being happy and making memories for me.

Mary Mcloughlin

My favourite tradition is decorating table for Christmas dinner.

Riina Vironen

Visiting my grandparents and meeting relatives. Christmas spirit. 

Prerna Gupta

My favorite is decorating the christmas tree and getting food ready for the family!

Paula Pitman Cairnduff

My favourite tradition is Christmas Eve all out for dinner then home for a nice relaxing evening before the big man arrives.

Fiona Baker

Getting up early Christmas morning with my 2 girls and hubby to open our presents, and spend quality time together as a family!!

Lori Dyer

Christmas morning in pjs, all 5 of our children come early with there family's in pjs! prime rib dinner with blue cheese sauce!

Brenda Meakin

My favourite Christmas tradition is pulling the crackers and wearing the hat (just while I'm eating dinner though).

Kimberly Holsapple-Pardew

Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Dannielle Josephine Fuller

Getting to spend 2 whole days with my twin and the rest my family.

Emily O'Mara

Opening pressies first thing, too exciting to wait.

Kerrie Leybourne

This year we started a new tradition ... Placing the in memorium ornament on the tree where everyone can see it because that's where my mom would want to be since it is our first Xmas without her.

Ola Ware

I am a child at heart, Christmas decorations, lights, carols, scents, Cooking and baking, family gathering and exchanging gifts, watching favorite Christmas shows, can't forget the snow, apple cider, cinnamon and eggnog, priceless moments and looks on everyone faces. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. 

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016.